Widodo Government Acknowledges Gross Human Rights Violations Happened: The Unstoppable Erosion of a Fundamental Taboo by Max Lane

“Spokespersons for the Widodo government since 2014 have regularly stated that they are seeking a “completion” (penyelesaian) of this issue, implying that once there is “resolution”, there will correspondingly be no further need for public debate. It is probable that, with about a year to go in Widodo’s second and final term as president, he is hoping that an official acknowledgement and some form of restoration of rights or compensation will be enough to quiet his critics.

However, this erosion of one of Indonesia’s fundamental historical taboos is unlikely to be so easily stopped. The numerous critiques of the government from civil society, including at least one calling for the lifting of the ban on Marxism-Leninism, shows that the pressure for change will not abate.”

For full comment piece at Fulcrum.sp click HERE.

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