Indonesian Politics After the Widodo-Prabowo Rapprochement by Max Lane

Indonesian Politics After the Widodo-Prabowo Rapprochement by Max Lane “With the end of this rhetorical contestation and sense of polarisation, the ‘penny has dropped’ that there is no counter-force to Widodo’s government or its policies. Widodo has, and has always had, a relatively free hand to drive his trategic socioeconomic agenda — one that is […]

Books and Articles on Indonesia (and East Timor) by Max Lane published by ISEAS

Books and Articles on Indonesia (and East Timor) by Max Lane published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies – Yusof Isak Institute, Singapore. Max Lane, An Introduction to the Politics of Indonesian Unions, ISEAS, 2019. Max Lane, Decentralization and Its Discontents: An Essay on Class, Political Agency and National Perspective in Indonesian Politics, ISEAS, […]

“President Joko Widodo’s New Cabinet: Some Implications for Indonesian Politics” by Max Lane

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • While the composition of President Widodo’s Cabinet indicates continuity in economic policy, recent developments suggest that the new Cabinet’s has political implications. • The rapprochement between Prabowo Subianto and Megawati Sukarnoputri and Joko Widodo, and Prabowo’s appointment as Minister of Defence have deflated the perception that the political elite had become ideologically […]

Dari ORDER BARU ke gelombang demonstrasi mahasiswa September 2019.

Dari Orde Baru ke gelombang demonstrasi mahasiswa September, 2019. Sejak kolonialis militer dan birokrasi Belanda dipaksa meninggalkan negeri baru Indonesia tahun 1950, Indonesia hanya pernah mengalami SATU budaya politik dan politik ekonomi yang sungguh-singguh terkonsolidasikan: ORDE BARU. HANYA SATU dan itu adalah sebuah kediktatoran totalitarian kapitalisme kroni. HANYA SATU!! 1946-65 tak ada sistem ataupun budaya […]

Indonesian politics: The beginnings of a youth rebellion?

Since Sept 23, there have been student demonstrations in almost every province of Indonesia against numerous new Bills being tabled and passed by the outgoing Parliament. The first protest in the university town of Yogyakarta saw a turnout of 15,000 students, despite the rally call going out less than 24 hours before that. While the students across Indonesia […]

NEW POLITICS IN INDONESIA: Audio of talk and also powerpoint

NEW POLITICS IN INDONESIA by Max Lane Dibawah ada sebuah POWER POINT presentation dari May 2018. Presentasi ini dipakai di International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam dan tidak lama sesudah itu di Sydney, Australia. Dalam presentasi ini salah satu hal yang dibicarakan ialah mulai proses radikalisi progressip demokratis id kaum muda, Juga ada rekaman […]