Singapore Book Launch Update for INDONESIA AND NOT: POEMS AND OTHERWISE.

Singapore Writers Festival Book launch:  INDONESIA AND NOT: POEMS AND OTHERWISE: Anecdotes Scattered Author: Max Lane DATE / TIME: 6 Nov, Sun 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM VENUE:  The Arts House, Gallery II, Singapore This is a collection of poetry, prose pieces and short stories inspired by the experiences of Max Lane, translator of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Buru […]

POEM: Kelud’s Grey Beauty – by Max Lane

Kelud’s Grey Beauty Unheard here, Kelud erupts and its fine grey anger reaches for space. Its chariot, the streaming wind currents, carries its message afar, to the west. Grey beauty settles across a city, fogging the air, snowing the trees, caking the asphalt. Through open windows and vent holes. invisible snakes of dust sneak inside. […]

Poem: Alive against the blue

A brushed sketch against the blue A perfect canvas in plain pure hue Unadorned by green or yellow or red Quiet in its beauty, still but alive not dead

POEM: Big bang in the universe

There was no big bang out there in space Reality always was and will be Never ending distance, never ending time One more orbit by less than a spec around a glowing dot A raised fist by a smiling heart for a future freedom Fills the infinite void, explodes more brilliantly than any big bang […]

POEM: Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng).

We were talking about food last night and a memory came back to me – for the umpteenth time. Narrow and dark and most of all hot. If I ended up at a back table, 3 or 4 metres inside, the sweat would pour from forehead and my hair would be wet enough to comb […]

ON BALI: four pieces (2 poems, 2 essays).

BALI, INDONESIA Green, deep green Chlorophyll blinds the eyes keen Black earth, brown aches Sticky mud between toes cakes. Tears irrigate the picture painted under the labouring harvest’s stricture Paddy, palms, coconuts, frangipanis Creations of peasant hands canny. Rice sold and eaten Suffices to keep deep want beaten But for the future there are no […]

Poem: Cold Outside

Wet, cold, wind, nighttime quiet and darkthe outside makes the loneliness starkWarmth inside, heater but also long embraceNothing less lonely than the message on a lover’s face.

Poem: Jakarta from the skyline.

New York middle upper ambiance,Laptop monitors light up tables,Office staff pop in and order water in bottles with fancy labels,I can’t see the bajaj* below.++++++ bajaj – small, motorised, smoke belching, tin-can motorised trishaw used by Jakartans for cheap transport

Poem: Singapore Morning

Sandwiched between pipe-embroidered ceiling and shiny floor, I have a coffee and eggs for breakfast underground in Singapore, muzak vibrates through the air-conditioned atmos, suffocating consumption among the franchised dross. Haven from asphalt shimmered steaming heat, From steel roach road rage trumpet bleats, Muzak rattle strangely soothes the soul, Outside, reality only reality to us […]