Max’s publications


For a range of recent commentaries on Indonesian politics, see my articles at ISEAS Perspectives or on this blog.

Books and monographs

  • Poetry and otherwise, Indonesia and not, Djaman Baroe, (forthcoming), 2016
  • Indonesia Tidak Hadir di Bumi Manusia: karya-karya Pramoedya ananta Toer, Djaman Baroe, (forthcoming), 2016
  • UNFINISHED NATION: Ingatan Revolusi, Aksi Massa dan Sejarah Indonesia, Djaman Baroe, 2014
  • Decentralization and Its Discontents: An Essay on Class, Political Agency, ISEAS, Singapore, 2014
  • Catastrophe in Indonesia, Seagull, 2010.

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Literary Translation

Also recently republished my translation of Rendra’s 1975 play The Struggle of the Naga Tribe in The Methuen Anthology of Asian Drama, 2015.


1. UNFINISHED NATION: Indonesia before and after Suharto, VERSO Books, 2008
2. Bangsa Yang Belum Selesai: Indonesia sebelum dan sesudah Suharto, Reform Institute, Jakarta, 2007
3. Liber Amicorum 80 Tahun Joesoef Isak , collection of essays edited by Max Lane and Bonnie Triyana, published by ISAI, Komunitas Bambu, Perkumpulan Praxis, July, 2008
4. Wedastera Suyasa, 1945-72 in Bali: from charismatic politics to socio-educational activities, Universitas Mahanedratta, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, January, 2009
5. Arok of Java, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Horizon Books, Singapore, 2007
6. The Chinese in Indonesia, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Select Books, Singapore, 2007
7. Social Sciences and Power in Indonesia, edited by Vedi Hadiz and Danial Dhakidae, published by Equinox Books, Jakarta, Indonesia, published in 2006. Tranbslated from the Indonesian by Max Lane
8. The Urban Mass Movement in the Philippines, 1983-1987, Australian National University and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1990.
9. Openness, political discontent and succession in Indonesia: political developments in Indonesia, 1989-90, Nathan, QLD, Australia: Griffith University, 1991.
10. This Earth of Mankind, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Penguin Books, 1996 (USA Edition)
11. Child of All Nations, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Penguin Books, 1996 (USA Edition)
12. Footsteps, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Penguin Books, 1996 (USA Edition)
13. Glass House, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, translated and with an Introduction by Max Lane, Penguin Books, 1997 (USA Edition)
14. The Struggle of the Naga Tribe, by Rendra, University of Queensland Press and St Martins Press, New York, 1978, translated and with Introduction by Max Lane.

Book Chapters

15. “Indonesia” in The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, edited by Dr. Immanuel Ness, Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Wiley-Blackwell, USA, forthcoming March, 2009.
16. “Pramoedya Ananta Toer” in Dictionary of Literary Biography – Southeast Asian Writers, edited by Dr David Smyth, University of London School of Oriental and African Studies, published by Bruccoli Clark Layman, Columbia, USA; to be published 2009.
17. “Nation Building”, Pembebasan Nasional dan Trisakti Soekarno di Abad 21,” in Liber Amicorum 80 Tahun Joesoef Isak , collection of essays edited by Max Lane and Bonnie Triyana, published by ISAI, Komunitas Bambu, Perkumpulan Praxis, July, 2008.
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20. “Political Stalemate and Persisting Instability: The Philippines 1990,” Southeast Asian Affairs 1990, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 1991.

Working Papers

21. “Recovering class consciousness after total defeat: Memory, street protest, and
Soekarnoism in contemporary Indonesia.”, 2006
22. “Re-organisation’ of Mass Politics and the Weakened National Revolution in the Era of Neo-Liberal Globalisation”


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(The above list does not include articles published in The Canberra Times, Nation Review, The National Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Green Left Weekly, Direct Action and other newspapers.)