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August articles in RED ANT: Woolworths’ Workers Walkout over Covid19 By Thomas Edwardson August 3 Thoughts Under Lock-down: a Socialist Housing Policy By Andrew Martin August 6 Mauritian Oil Disaster: Urgent Solidarity Needed By RED ANT August 12 Trump Plans to Sabotage Elections to Retain Power By Barry Sheppard August 14 Reflections on a political […]

Reflections on a political journey

by Max Lane It is five years since John Percy passed away from illness. I knew John for a long time and I knew him very well from about 1991. In 1991 he was National Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), a task he performed for almost 15 years. After that his main task […]

Review Essay: The Party and International Solidarity: by Nick D.

John Percy’s book, Keeping the Red Flag Flying was published in 2020 by Interventions. It focuses on the 1990s and early 2000s when the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) was the largest revolutionary socialist group on the Australian left. As it follows Percy’s two books, A History of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, Volume 1: 1965-72 (2005) and, Against the Stream, […]

Indonesia’s State Ideology Bill: A Brewing Controversy – by Max Lane

Since June, a controversy has erupted over the “Pancasila Guidelines Bill” (RUU HIP, Haluan Ideologi Pancasila) now being discussed in parliament. This Bill sets out to interpret the Panca Sila, a set of five principles attached to the Indonesian constitution. The five principles are often summarised to be: belief in one God, humanity, national unity, […]

Indonesian Politics After the Widodo-Prabowo Rapprochement by Max Lane

Indonesian Politics After the Widodo-Prabowo Rapprochement by Max Lane “With the end of this rhetorical contestation and sense of polarisation, the ‘penny has dropped’ that there is no counter-force to Widodo’s government or its policies. Widodo has, and has always had, a relatively free hand to drive his trategic socioeconomic agenda — one that is […]

China is not a rich country, it’s poor! – Article by Dr Sam King

(Published at  Internationalist Notebook Internationalist perspectives on anti imperialism, revolutionary struggle and social change.) *** If you were asked to compare the average Chinese income with the average income in the USA, what would you say? 80%? 60%? 30%? If we judged by the establishment propaganda campaign, Chinese income would be fast approaching that of the USA, […]