Food story: “Borek in Melbourne and the Indonesia factor.”

Eating as a source of pleasure obviously has a long history. No doubt there is a physiologically based link between that pleasure, registered primarily in the mouth, nostrils and stomach, and the urge to eat to sustain ourselves. The pleasure can be very private, as when we indulge secretly in a favourite chocolate or a […]


Hi everybody, Hi to all our 97 donors. First, I would like to announce that building the Library, receiving the books and shelving them is completed. We still need to arrange the books better on the shelves and create a catalogue. However, we will be ready to organise a soft opening for the Library and […]

Singapore Book Launch Update for INDONESIA AND NOT: POEMS AND OTHERWISE.

Singapore Writers Festival Book launch:  INDONESIA AND NOT: POEMS AND OTHERWISE: Anecdotes Scattered Author: Max Lane DATE / TIME: 6 Nov, Sun 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM VENUE:  The Arts House, Gallery II, Singapore This is a collection of poetry, prose pieces and short stories inspired by the experiences of Max Lane, translator of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Buru […]

Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)

The Project. Also visit this CROWDFUNDING SITE FOR ICAL. This project is to establish a Library for the use of community and campus activists in the student city of Yogjakarta, Indonesia.  Indonesia experienced 33 years of authoritarian government from 1965-1998 during which time book acquisitions for school, university and community libraries were underfunded and, when […]


I am pleased to be able to speak at next year’s Marxism 2013 Conference.  There will also be speakers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well the US and elsewhere. The website for the Marxism 2013 Conference, organised by Socialist Alternative as a national/international conference in Melbourne, is nowup with information on […]

PUBLIC SEMINAR SERIES: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Southeast Asian Politics And Society

Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Southeast Asian Politics And Society: Politics and International Studies, Victoria University and Asia Institute, University of Melbourne 2012 Seminar Series, convened by Dr Max Lane This seminar series, organised by the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne and Politics and International Studies, Victoria University , is aimed at creating a […]

Letter from Jakarta 2011/1: Amin’s Death

Letter from Jakarta 2011/1: Amin’s Death by Max Lane. (Max Lane is 2011 ASIALINK Writer-in-Residence with Majalah Historia and will be visiting Indonesia and Timor Leste several times during 2011.) Really, in hindsight, there was a great deal of beauty in the scene. There was a kaleidoscope of wonderful colours: dark blues and greens, the […]