PUBLIC SEMINAR SERIES: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Southeast Asian Politics And Society

Critical Perspectives on

Contemporary Southeast Asian Politics And Society:

Politics and International Studies, Victoria University and Asia Institute, University of Melbourne

2012 Seminar Series, convened by Dr Max Lane

This seminar series, organised by the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne and Politics and International Studies, Victoria University , is aimed at creating a forum for following and discussing contemporary political, economic and social developments in the Southeast Asian region. It is hoped that the series, which began in 2nd Semester 2011, will continue into the long-term. The series draws on presenters based in Melbourne, as well as in other parts of Australia and overseas.

While presentations are encouraged that relate directly to a researcher’s current specific research focus, the series is also keen to hear presentations on contemporary developments that flow from lecturers’ and researchers’ general knowledge of the region and their ongoing observation and analysis of developments.

This semester’s program of six seminars includes presentations on Indonesia, including West Papua, the Philippines, Thailand and Timor Leste. Presenters include intellectuals from Indonesia and Timor Leste visiting Australia.

Seminars are held at 5pm on a Wednesday. The presentation by Avelino Coelho, from Timor Leste, will be on a THURSDAY. Most seminars will be held in Room 321, Asia Institute, Level 3, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Swanston Street, University of Melbourne. 

For further information: please contact Asia Dr Max Lane ( ) or Dr Michael Ewing (




March 21


The prospects for Peace in Papua:  dialogue – domestication and co-option

Dr Richard Chauvel, Victoria University, Melbourne

April 4


“Elite rule and messianism in the Philippines: the myth of populism and “civil society engagement”


Dr Ben Reid, School of Geography and Environmental Science,

Faculty of Arts, Monash University. Recently returned from the Philippiones.


April 26

 History of the Timorese state and politics today

Avelino Coelho (Shalar Kosi FF) State Secretary for Energy Policy, Timorese government; Marxist intellectual; chairperson of the Socialist Party of Timor.

May 9  The struggle for popularizing history in Indonesia

Bonnie Triyana, editor HISTORIA magazine, Indonesia;

Journalist, author and historian and historian.

May 23  Marx and Weber in Bangkok

Professor Kevin Hewison, Uni of North Carolina (Chapel Hill); Visiting Professor of Asian Studies, Singapore Management University; author and researcher on Thai politics.

May 30


Analyzing East Timorese Politics: 4 views on the political map of the 2012 election landscape.


Professor Damien Kingsbury, Deakin University

Assoc Prof Michael Leach,  Swinburne University

Dr Helen Hill, Community Development, Victoria University

Dr Max Lane –  Politics and International Studies, Victoria University

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