Pramoedya Ananta Toer – An Indonesian Literary Icon by JOSE RAMOS HORTA

“It was in Buru that Pramoedya created “the Quartet”. Initially forbidden access to writing materials, Pramoedya recited the stories; vivid tales of the creation of Indonesia, a time of national awakening and rebellion against the colonial rulers, orally to other prisoners. When Pramoedya and two of his fellow prisoners, Joesoef Isak and Hasyim Rachman, were […]

Widodo Government Acknowledges Gross Human Rights Violations Happened: The Unstoppable Erosion of a Fundamental Taboo by Max Lane

“Spokespersons for the Widodo government since 2014 have regularly stated that they are seeking a “completion” (penyelesaian) of this issue, implying that once there is “resolution”, there will correspondingly be no further need for public debate. It is probable that, with about a year to go in Widodo’s second and final term as president, he […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film

Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film* (*but Were Afraid to Ask) BY : MIKAEL JOHANI AUGUST 09, 2019, JAKARTA GLOBE The wait is, finally, almost over. The film adaptation of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s classic novel “Bumi Manusia,” or This Earth of Mankind, gets its red carpet première in Surabaya today. The choice […]

Reposting: Indonesia: 1965 and the Counter-Revolution against the Nation.

Indonesia:  1965 and the Counter-Revolution against the Nation. By Max Lane +++ “The impact of the counter-revolution was, however, even deeper than the sum of these combined policies – from mass murder and terror to totalitarian imposed ignorance and passivity. The 1965 counter-revolution was a pre-emptive purge aimed at the prevention of the final unfolding […]

Buku UNFINISHED NATION (edisi Bahasa Indonesia) oleh Max Lane sudah dijual di GRAMEDIA dan toko buku lain.

Buku: UNFINISHED NATION: Ingatan Revolusi, Aksi Massa dan Sejarah Indonesia oleh Max Lane, Penerbit Djaman Baroe (Versi Bahasa Inggeris penerbit VERSO, Lodon/New York) Sudah beredar di berbagai toko buku, termasuk Gramedia. Kalau belum beli dan membaca: silahkan. Kalau mau membantu mengedarkan silahkan SHARE posting ini. Dibawah ada komentar2 ttg buku tsb. ++++++ Buku ini dengan […]


Abdul and Lina. A Short Story by Max Lane He didn’t know what people would have thought if they could see him now. His mouth was wide open, his jaws aching from the stretching gape. It was if he was screaming. In fact he was, but there was no sound – except the horrific screech […]

ARTIKEL: Indonesia, 1965: Merehabilitasi Korban, Merehabilitasi Revolusi

Artikel ini akan diterbitkan tahun depan dalam sebuah buku kumpulan tulisan saya tentang topik-topik yang berkaitan dengan ulangtahun ke50 persitiwa-persitiwa 1965 – yaitu: digulingkannya Sukarno, pembantaian massa pendukung Sukarno dan didirikannya Orde Baru. Diterbitkan sekarang untuk menyambut film SENYAP, film sequel buat film JAGAL, yang baru-baru ini mulai ditayangkan. Artikel ini bisa juga dibaca dalam […]

THE CHINESE IN INDONESIA – by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

THE CHINESE IN INDONESIA – by Pramoedya Ananta Toerby Max Lane 13 March, 2008 The Chinese in Indonesia, An English Translation of Hoakiau Di Indonesia (First Published in 1960) by Pramoedya Ananta Toer; Max Lane (Translator) About This Book Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006) was undoubtedly Indonesia’s most significant novelist and writer. After the 1960 publication […]