Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film

Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film* (*but Were Afraid to Ask) BY : MIKAEL JOHANI AUGUST 09, 2019, JAKARTA GLOBE The wait is, finally, almost over. The film adaptation of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s classic novel “Bumi Manusia,” or This Earth of Mankind, gets its red carpet première in Surabaya today. The choice […]

Contending Rhetoric in Indonesia’s Presidential Elections: An Analysis by Max Lane

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  The policy content in the sharpening rhetorical contestation in Indonesia’s presidential campaign remains shallow.  The policy manifestos of both camps contain the usual generic promises of economic and technological progress and social justice. However, the essential difference between Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto in the main thrust of their campaign message […]

Reposting: Indonesia: 1965 and the Counter-Revolution against the Nation.

Indonesia:  1965 and the Counter-Revolution against the Nation. By Max Lane +++ “The impact of the counter-revolution was, however, even deeper than the sum of these combined policies – from mass murder and terror to totalitarian imposed ignorance and passivity. The 1965 counter-revolution was a pre-emptive purge aimed at the prevention of the final unfolding […]

Minke yang menceritakan ceritera BUMI MANUSIA?

Silahkan membaca kembali halaman pertama BUMI MANUSIA. Membaca kembali dan merenungkannya. Ada rahasianya. Mau tahu rahasianya: terpaksa anda mencari lewat membaca RUMAH KACA.  (Disini tidak saya pasang spoiler.) Rahasia lainnya bisa ditemukan di buku INDONESIA TIDAK HADIR DI BUMI MANUSIA. BTW: Versi bahasa Inggeris BUMI MANUSIA – yaitu THIS EARTH OF MANKIND bisa didapat di Indonesia […]