Books and Articles on Indonesia (and East Timor) by Max Lane published by ISEAS

Books and Articles on Indonesia (and East Timor) by Max Lane published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies – Yusof Isak Institute, Singapore.

  • Max Lane, An Introduction to the Politics of Indonesian Unions, ISEAS, 2019.
  • Max Lane, Decentralization and Its Discontents: An Essay on Class, Political Agency and National Perspective in Indonesian Politics, ISEAS, 2014.
  • Max Lane (Ed), Continuity and Change After Indonesia’s Reforms: Contributions to an Ongoing Assessment, ISEAS, 2019



Article published in ISEAS’s TRENDS:

  • “The Rise and Decline of Labour Militancy in Batam”, Trends, No 8, 2018.

Analytical pieces published on ISEAS PERSPECTIVEs:

  1. Who will be Indonesian President in 2014?, 2013, No 46
  2. Post-elections Indonesia: Towards a Crisis of Government?, 2014 No 53
  3. Gap Narrows between Candidates in Indonesian Presidential Elections, 2014, No 39
  4. Indonesia’s 2014 Legislative Elections: The Dilemmas of “Elektabilitas” Politics, 2014, No 25
  5. 50 Years since 30 September, 1965: The Gradual Erosion of a Political Taboo. 2015, No 66
  6. Amidst Indonesia’s Nationalist Atmospherics: The Changing Politics of Jokowi’s Economics, 2015, No 64.
  7. The Politics of Widodo’s Prioritisation of Accelerated Infrastructure Construction. 2015 No 43
  8. A Jokowi Party? Reflections on the State of Elite Politics in Indonesia. 2015 No 17
  9. Old Politics Rises to Challenge New Politics in Jakarta, 2016 No 64
  10. The Timor Gap Dispute with Australia Inspires Timorese Political Activism, 2016 No 31
  11. A New Ideological Contestation Emerging in Indonesia? 2017 No 77
  12. The Further Erosion of an Indonesian Political Taboo. 2018 No 6
  13. The Politics of Wages and Indonesia’s Trade Unions. 2018 No 4
  14. Contending Rhetoric in Indonesia’s Presidential Elections: An Analysis, 2019, No 6
  15. The 2019 Indonesian Elections: An Overview”, 2019. No 49
  16. The Papuan Question in Indonesia: Recent Developments, 2019, No 7474
  17. President Joko Widodo’s New Cabinet: Some Implications for Indonesian Politics, 2019 No 99

 PERPSPECTIVES articles can be searched at

Three other articles (book chapters) are in the publication pipeline.

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