China is not a rich country, it’s poor! – Article by Dr Sam King

(Published at  Internationalist Notebook Internationalist perspectives on anti imperialism, revolutionary struggle and social change.)


If you were asked to compare the average Chinese income with the average income in the USA, what would you say? 80%? 60%? 30%? If we judged by the establishment propaganda campaign, Chinese income would be fast approaching that of the USA, Australia or the other rich countries.

Bear in mind that average income includes every Dollar or Yuan earned by every capitalist and worker in China, and everyone else. Same for the USA. Yet income per person in China was just 16% of the US figure in 2018. According to World Bank data, average annual income is USD$9,771 in China but $62,641 in the USA.

Obviously both places have a problem with who inside each country actually gets most of the money. But that is a separate issue. Would you rather be fighting for a better share of $62,641 or $9,771?

Read more here.

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