Poem: On Walls

When the future is to be the present repeated forever
Walled will be humanity, dammed, from each other severed
Palestine’s wall is that future bleak
Preventing the majority from their future to seek.

Walls arise like tumours inside every nation
Moats to drown humans fleeing desperation
Laws that proclaim upon those outside a siege
For the calm and comfort of enclaves of privilege.

Ten feet high walls hide their mansions
Each year their territory sees expansion
Gardens to rest in, rooms expansive, outside sweat and aches
Corrigated cardboard, shit, open space the masses does forsake

Wretchedness is a crime in the eyes of the lords
Walls and towers and steel bars for millions now a “home” affords
Where mansion, yacht, and green yards most abound
Billions too for weapons, there the most imprisoned will be found.

One planet, two worlds, parasite on host
Sucking life from humanity till just a ghost
Each nation two peoples suffering the curse of babble
Words of justice for one, for the other a cacophony of the rabble

But a wall is a blindness blocking sight of life
Build too many, may as well to the brain take a knife
Outside life teems, a jolt and there surges forth a tsunami
People, making things, loving life, hating walls, march as an army

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