MUSIC: The MIM project by Singapore’s MAX LANE

For more on the background of Singapore’s music pesona “Max Lane” and his music: 

“About The Mim Project

Still undecided whether the plosives of Pembukaan, Purnama & Preamble are by coincidence or design, what I am definitely certain of these 3 tracks is that they are all built on samples from old Malay sounds. Hence Mim, the character you see on the artwork which is the Arabic/Jawi equivalent of the letter M. Stop the applause and the other half of you, wipe that smirk off your face. And after skipping the economics debate I would want to give semiotics a miss too.

The Mim Project Cover Art

So back on track and to the tracks, The Mim Project is a pastiche made up of patches from Orkes El-Suraya(a 70’s nasyid group from Medan, Indonesia), sounds of keroncong, a stolen interview of the late Javanese literary great, Pramoedya Ananta Toer; all interwoven with the sensibilities of what Max Lane is or to become. Here’s to my long-lost cultural heroes.”

The man behind MAX LANE also has written: “I’m a fan of Pramoedya.
If not for [the Australian, Max Lane’s] translated print, I would not be able to experience Pramoedya’s masterpiece, “The Buru Quartet“. For me personally to a certain degree, it’s quite a pity that I would not be able to experience the original text. Especially when both my grandfathers are Javanese.

With that said, I kind of experience part of my ‘heritage’ in a ‘mediated’ manner. And it is based on this principle that I have chosen “Max Lane” for my music persona. As I infuse found sounds and elements of Malay/Indo traditional songs & rustic recordings in my own work, I see myself providing the same ‘mediated’ experience to my listeners via music.”

To listen to the music click:

The Mim Project Cover Art

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