Poem: Cold Outside

Wet, cold, wind, nighttime quiet and darkthe outside makes the loneliness starkWarmth inside, heater but also long embraceNothing less lonely than the message on a lover’s face.

Poem: Jakarta from the skyline.

New York middle upper ambiance,Laptop monitors light up tables,Office staff pop in and order water in bottles with fancy labels,I can’t see the bajaj* below.++++++ bajaj – small, motorised, smoke belching, tin-can motorised trishaw used by Jakartans for cheap transport

Poem: Singapore Morning

Sandwiched between pipe-embroidered ceiling and shiny floor, I have a coffee and eggs for breakfast underground in Singapore, muzak vibrates through the air-conditioned atmos, suffocating consumption among the franchised dross. Haven from asphalt shimmered steaming heat, From steel roach road rage trumpet bleats, Muzak rattle strangely soothes the soul, Outside, reality only reality to us […]


That brustling whoosh of the running river’s flow, the yellow and the white butterfly escape the lizard on the tree bough, statue stillness of the great green leaves, And here sit I, one of Bali’s new beauty thieves.


I am pleased to be able to speak at next year’s Marxism 2013 Conference.  There will also be speakers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well the US and elsewhere. The website for the Marxism 2013 Conference, organised by Socialist Alternative as a national/international conference in Melbourne, is nowup with information on […]

SAJAK: Merdeka berdialog

Menggali Yang terkubur Sejarah Ternyata subur Fakta Penderitaan terbuka Pakta Penindas bebas dari luka Maaf Kekuasaan yang berdosa Tidak! Kebebasan berpikir yang diperkosa Dialog Berarti duduk bersama sama rata Merdeka Berarti tak ada terlarang tabu kata