DOCUMENT: SUPPORT THE STRIKE Peoples Liberation Party.

Peoples Liberation Party: support the strike. WE MUST: (minimal) 50% wage increase; Abolish Outsourcing; Social Insurance for all the people; and STOP PRODUCTION (STRIKE) on a National Scale!  Salam Pembebasan,              Strike! Strike! Strike! The Labour United Front with the name Labour Movement National Consolidation (KNGB) was established within less than three […]

INDONESIA 1965: A forgotten massacre on our doorstep – by Max Lane

INDONESIA 1965: A forgotten massacre on our doorstep – by Max Lane The systematic political murder of around 1 million people in Indonesia began on 1 October 1965 and lasted around three years. The violence was accompanied by mass arrests, probably hundreds of thousands going in and out of ad hoc prisons between 1965 and […]

“The ‘prickly’ relationship between Australia and Indonesia”: an article from 1995 by Max Lane

“Words May Be Consensual, But The Actions Are Confrontationist.” by Max Lane Sydney Morning Herald, 19 September 1995 +++++++ IT’S SURPRISING that any observer of Indonesian society and politics could accept the official line that Indonesia’s approach to the resolution of issues is “consensual”. Indonesian politics during the three decades of the self-styled New Order has […]

VERY SHORT COMMENT: The polls, the ALP and the Greens.

With the decline of the trade union movement (primarily due to the acquiescence of its bureaucratic caste leadership to the 1980s Prices-and-Incomes Accord and consequent demobilisation) and the connected decline of ALP activist membership, there are few (if any) mechanisms to know clearly the political thinking of the “public”, the working class, who make up […]