Report: National strike called in Indonesia for October 3 BY Max Lane

On 24 September, trade unions belonging to the recently formed Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia (Indonesian Worker Employees Assembly – MPBI) have called for a national strike for October 3. They are expecting 2 million workers to join the strike in at least 21 towns with large manufacturing sectors. These towns are spread over all Indonesia’s […]


I am pleased to be able to speak at next year’s Marxism 2013 Conference.  There will also be speakers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well the US and elsewhere. The website for the Marxism 2013 Conference, organised by Socialist Alternative as a national/international conference in Melbourne, is nowup with information on […]

Malaysia: Socialists at forefront of changing politics

Malaysia: Socialists at forefront of changing politics By Max Lane On July 29, six leaders of the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) were released from prison, 34 days after their arrest on June 25. Their release was a result of the tremendous sustained and energetic campaign that received broad support, especially in Malaysia. Thirty members of […]