Sudah dengar heboh ttg film BUMI MANUSIA?

Sudah dengar heboh ttg film BUMI MANUSIA? Mau membaca salah satu perspektif tentang buku tsb dan pengarangnya Pramoedya Annata Toer. Silahkan cari buku ini di toko buku dekat anda atau di toko buku online:  


Hi everybody, Hi to all our 97 donors. First, I would like to announce that building the Library, receiving the books and shelving them is completed. We still need to arrange the books better on the shelves and create a catalogue. However, we will be ready to organise a soft opening for the Library and […]

A New Ideological Contestation Emerging in Indonesia? (Article by Max Lane)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  A long period of ideological vacuum in mainstream politics came to an end in the lead-up to the 2014 presidential elections and was further confirmed in the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial elections.  This was initially reflected in the different stances of 2014 presidential candidates Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto on issues such […]

The Politics of Wages and Indonesia’s Trade Unions (Article by Max Lane.)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.  In 2015, all unions opposed a new regulation on wages that restricted the use of the dignified standard of living condition.  In the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial elections, a coalition of unions signed a Political Contract with one set of candidates who promised wage increases above those mandated by recent government regulations. […]

The Further Erosion of an Indonesian Political Taboo (Article) by Max Lane

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  On 16-17 September 2017, groups opposed to alternative perspectives on the events of 30 September 1965 (G-30S/PKI) and its aftermath, mobilised to disrupt a seminar held in Jakarta.  These were the same groups that mobilised against ethnic Chinese Christian former Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama in late 2016 to early […]