Is China Imperialist? Articles by Dr Sam King on RED ANT.

“China’s role in the world today is among the most hotly contested issues in international politics. How we view China and its relationships to other countries powerfully shapes how we view the future of the world — including the future of Australian society.

China is the largest country by population and has become a world production hub. If it were to become proportionately powerful, and if its external relations are relations of domination and aggression (like those of the USA and Australia are), it would be a fearsome danger to the existing rich countries.

But is China really an “imperialist” country? And what does “imperialist” even mean these days — precisely? What is the real character of the social system that has developed in China? What is China’s true status, power or ranking within the world economy? And how best to characterise its concrete role within the overall world division of labour? How can we understand its realistic future prospects? And what should socialists say and do in the face of the growing hostility to China by the USA, Australia and other rich countries?”

For the Introduction to a series of articles on this topic see:

Is China an Imperialist Country? Introduction to a New Four-Part Series

Three parts of this series has already been published on this blog – RED ANT.

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