Read RED ANT Blog yet? Here are August’s articles.

August articles in RED ANT:
Woolworths’ Workers Walkout over Covid19
By Thomas Edwardson August 3
Thoughts Under Lock-down: a Socialist Housing Policy
By Andrew Martin August 6
Mauritian Oil Disaster: Urgent Solidarity Needed
By RED ANT August 12
Trump Plans to Sabotage Elections to Retain Power
By Barry Sheppard August 14
Reflections on a political journey:
A contribution written on the 5th anniversary of the death of John Percy, Australian socialist.
By Max Lane August 18
Debate: Politics and Climate Change
By Allen Myers August 25
The California fires and Climate Change
By Barry Sheppard August 26
COVID-19: The Arrogance of Empire, Cuba, Vaccines and Solidarity
By Andrew Martin August 29
August FEATURED ARTICLE – Can Australian Capitalism be Forced to Quit Coal?
By Sam King and Max Lane.

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