NOVEMBER, 2011: Where Max is Speaking.

This schedule will be updated regularly and can be accessed by clicking “Where Max is Speaking” just under the banner of this blog, on the far right.

November, 2011

November 2, UniversitasParamedina: ” “Economic Crisis in Europe and United States; A respond from Globalist Perspective in IR”, Graduate School of Diplomacy. Consortium on Indonesian Foreign Policy.

November 8, Singapore: Singapore as Hub for A Democratic Nusantara

November 11: “”Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s 30 year long writer’s block:  the present absence of Indonesia’s revolutionary vernacular?” : – Conference: GREAT ASIAN WRITERS AND VERNACULAR LITERATURES IN POST-COLONIAL  PERSEPECTIVE, Departrment of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore.

November 14: “Asia Africa: two blocks or three blocks: the relevance of Sukarno;s OLDEFOS versis NEFOS today.” , Center for Global Civil Society Studies (PACIVIS) , University of Indonesia. Conference: BANDUNG SPIRIT CONFERENCE.

November 21-25 Lectures at Gajah Mada University on Indonesian political history. (internal)

November 26 (TBC): Launching of Indonesian edition of CATASTROPHE IN INDONESIA by Max Lane.

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