Short reflection: On Walls and Dams

It is not only walls they have built to protect the divisions of their system. They have a built a dam. A massive dam constructed from fear and systematically spread ignorance, even superstition, mumbo jumbo. The walls are to separate people and peoples, nations and classes, and classes becoming separate nations inside single countries.  The dam is built to hold back consciousness. The more pressure that builds up behind the dam, the thicker the construction, the denser the fear, ignorance and superstition. The denser the fear, ignorance and superstition, the more they need a new kind of leadership, reflecting this triad of materials. But you need science and rationality (if not reason) to build such dams and walls – that is their contradiction. Our contradiction is that the damning up of consciousness on the other side of the dam means there are only trickles and puddles of criticalness and vision to build from. Except where now or in the past, the dams have had cracks allowing lakes of progressive consciousness to form. But they usually have to build then dams and walls of their own, to defend themselves, necessary but a hindrance still. The question is how to prise open more cracks, though cracks will appear anyway as the pressure builds up. But how to exacerbate them from the other side. Puddles and even trickles can become stagnant, and inland lakes too if denied new flows of fresh waters: keeping the waters stirred, and the eddies linked, that is part of the work. Never has a more huge dam been built than that now built, in this era of late capitalism: even leaks through the cracks, when they come, will be spectacular, let alone when the whole dam goes.

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