(Poem?) The dried eel of Indonesia

(Remembering a story from the experiences of Joesoef Isak from 1966 or 1967.) The dried eel of Indonesia. The humidity was from sweat and not the air. The sad singing was the whimpers as they dabbed alcohol on the wounds. The music was the brushing of bodies and clothes against each other in the tiny […]

Palestina Palestine: Poem: THE WALL

WALL   Long.  Thick. Grey. Dark. Tall. Ugly, dirty, casting cold shadows this wall. Stealing land, stealing rights, stealing life Not damming, but provoking strife   It zigs and zags and curls and snakes Land and home and farm, it takes and takes A moat for fortresses defending wealth Perched on hilltops denizens of stealth […]

Sajak sejarah

Kaya. Kaya sekali. Kaya betul. Kaya tak terhingga. Sebab dan akibat berturut-turut menjelma menjadi asal-usul. Jalan balik ikuti peristiwa tak juga ke tujuan final akan singgah Orang dan peristiwa, perkembangan dan aksi, perubahan selalu menyusul. Kaya. Kaya sekali. Kaya betul. Kekayaan tak terbayang. Ummat manusia memiliki masa lalu, diketahui menjadi sejarah Sejarah membuka asal usul […]

Sajak Tabik

Bungkuk, bungkuk, bungkuk tambal ban Jari hindar jarum duduk berjam-jam bahu menegang Biji, insektisida, pupuk kecapekan hasilkan makanan Kapur diatas papan mendidik, map dan formulir melancarkan logistik Las nyala, truk terisi, eletroknik dirakit, barang keluar pabrik Tangan bergandeng, bertemu di lapangan, mata satu arah: tabik!

Sajak peringatan diri si pengamat

Sajak peringatan diri si pengamat Pantat bersatu dengan kursi Mata ngelem pada monitor Jari dengan keyboard berfusi Cyber realitas mulai menentukan T.O.R. Melbourne, April, 2010

Film Review: the miracle of AVATAR

According to Miranda Devine, one of Australia’s loony right newspaper commentators, watching AVATAR felt like being “hit with a leftie sledgehammer”. It appears that in America too, the loony right has been severely irked by the immense popularity of James Cameron’s epic hi-tech science fiction film. Devine tips her hat to the talent involved in […]

Film Review: 2012

Judging from the news coming in from the US box office, this film will make a lot of money for its investors. Such is the irrationality of contemporary society. As a commodity to be marketed, of course, it has everything you need. The main thing though is the promise that you will see the biggest ever […]

THE PHILIPPINES: “Seconds lost in Manila, 4 July, 1987”

15 October, 2007 It was a less than ordinary building on an ordinary road, an unattractive street despite the trees that lined it. Yes, it was an unattractive avenue adorned with buildings constructed on the cheap and for function only. Cables and wires of all kinds were strung from pole to pole, and building to building, […]