Buku UNFINISHED NATION (edisi Bahasa Indonesia) oleh Max Lane sudah dijual di GRAMEDIA dan toko buku lain.

Buku: UNFINISHED NATION: Ingatan Revolusi, Aksi Massa dan Sejarah Indonesia oleh Max Lane, Penerbit Djaman Baroe (Versi Bahasa Inggeris penerbit VERSO, Lodon/New York) Sudah beredar di berbagai toko buku, termasuk Gramedia. Kalau belum beli dan membaca: silahkan. Kalau mau membantu mengedarkan silahkan SHARE posting ini. Dibawah ada komentar2 ttg buku tsb. ++++++ Buku ini dengan […]

The slave Spartacus and reading Dalton Trumbo

Reading Dalton Trumbo (Spontaneous thoughts.) It was Hollywood that got me. In particular the film Spartacus, produced and starring Kirk Douglas, directed by Stanley Kubrick and screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. The other main roles were played by Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and Peter Ustinov. The film was inspired by Howard Fast’s wonderful novel, also called […]

Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)

The Project. Also visit this CROWDFUNDING SITE FOR ICAL. This project is to establish a Library for the use of community and campus activists in the student city of Yogjakarta, Indonesia.  Indonesia experienced 33 years of authoritarian government from 1965-1998 during which time book acquisitions for school, university and community libraries were underfunded and, when […]

Palestine: Real state or Bantustan state? by Max Lane

It is very possible that in late September or early October, the United Nations Security Council will vote on whether to recognise Palestine as a state and accept it as a member of the United Nations. The president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mohammed Abbas, will address the General Assembly of the United Nations on […]

Sajak (kecil): Mengenang Jogja dari jauh

Alun-alun “sibuk” tapi tak berumput tak berwarna-warni bali-ho meneriakin iklan disetiap sudut sana sini mahasiswa boleh pilih antara sejuta kios H.P. untung ada nasi kucing murah di wilayah D.I.Y.   Kampus-kampus macam-macam pilihannya tetapi tergantung juga orang tua berapa duitnya kesana kemari  ada Jogja busway cuma satu jalur terpaksa pula minta orang tua beliin sepeda motor

Max Lane: Reflections on Libya

I have never read any book length or other in-depth studies on the history, politics or economics of Libya. The picture I have of the present developments in Libya is made up of a kind of collage of images, gathered from watching and reading the Australian and international mainstream media from the Melbourne Age to […]

Essay: Indonesian activist in solidarity with Papuan demonstration in Jakarta.

The following essay by  Surya Anta was written in response to a series of questions, I emailed him yesterday, August 4, 2011. “I am here to give solidarity, not as a provocateur”* Surya Anta, Jakarta, Indonesia, member Peoples Liberation Party On August 2, 2011 I and Kholis Annasir from the student group Pusat Perjuangan Mahasiswa untuk […]

Poem: Gaza Armada

rubble grey white homes crumbled firing through narrow roads tanks rumbled witnesses ships to break through the sea wall never to cower gunships flying  machine guns helicopter prison tower pizzas served beyond the wall in the air-conditioned plaza courage eyes search the sea for ships breaking through to Gaza.