Is China Imperialist? Articles by Dr Sam King on RED ANT.

“China’s role in the world today is among the most hotly contested issues in international politics. How we view China and its relationships to other countries powerfully shapes how we view the future of the world — including the future of Australian society. China is the largest country by population and has become a world […]


“Following the Makassar attack, it is possible to detect what might turn out to be an important change in mainstream reactions to the bombings. Some statements repeated past formulation such as President Widodo’s statement, “I call on everyone to fight against terror and radicalism, which go against religious values.” Similar sentiments were expressed by the […]

On the Question of Soto – by Max Lane

On a Sunday morning in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, there is no guarantee of getting a spot on one of the benches to sit and have your chicken soto soup.  Perhaps if you get there at 7am, you might get a seat straight away – perhaps. Otherwise, you will join the ‘queue’ that mills around […]

My Wanton Journey by Max Lane

I lived the first twenty years of my life in Fairfield in the western suburbs of Sydney. It was a working class suburb. The population was mainly Anglo in the period – 1950-65, although the next ring of suburbs west was attracting an Italian migrant population. My parents owned a successful Ladies Hairdressers Salon business […]

SEDIKIT CERITA – “Ingatan Revolusi, Aksi Masa dan Sejarah Indonesia” – UNFINISHED NATION

“Ingatan Revolusi, Aksi Masa dan Sejarah Indonesia” – UNFINISHED NATION   Sedikit cerita.   Dengan dicetaknya edisi ketiga bukuku UNFINISHED NATION, kami merubah pemunculan judul buku. Seperti bisa dilihat dalam versi edisi bahasa Inggeris yang terbit duluan, judulnya ialah: UNFINISHED NATION: Indonesia Before and After Suharto.   Kalau edisi perdana bahasa Indonesia judulnya BANGSA YANG […]

4 short comment pieces on contemporary Indonesian politics by Max Lane

Click on the link below each excerpt to read the full article. 1. President Joko Widodo’s Image Problems 26 JAN 2021 “The opposition’s weakness means that the Indonesian president’s recent problems carry few political costs – for the moment. Last year, President Joko Widodo’s image as a populist “close-to-the-people” political leader suffered a series of […]

The Democrat Party Split: Dynastic versus All-Party Politics by Max Lane

“On 2 February, Agus H Yudhoyono (AHY), the Chairman of the Democrat Party (PD), publicly accused President Joko Widodo’s Chief of Staff, retired General Moeldoko, of plotting to organise an Extraordinary Congress (KLB) of the PD to seize the leadership of the opposition party. Moeldoko, not a PD member, denied the accusations.   AHY is the son […]

To Be Young and Rich: Indonesia’s Vaccination Controversies by Max Lane

No parliamentary opposition means the government is not held to account for its vaccination programme. Indonesia’s pandemic response and relief efforts continue to struggle with the tensions between economic and health priorities. Last year, this manifested itself in the uneven and changing “lockdown” policies restricting social mobility. At the very beginning of the pandemic’s spread […]