The Papuan Question in Indonesia: Recent Developments

by Max Lane (Written approx 2 September, 2019) “• Papuan nationalist agitation and violent protests escalated in mid-August 2019 within Papua and in various Indonesian towns, especially after video footage of security personnel calling Papuan activists “monkeys” were widely circulated. Such footage revived longstanding allegations of discrimination against Papuans in Indonesia. Papuan protests have increasingly called for an act […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film

Everything You Always Wanted to Happen in the Bumi Manusia Film* (*but Were Afraid to Ask) BY : MIKAEL JOHANI AUGUST 09, 2019, JAKARTA GLOBE The wait is, finally, almost over. The film adaptation of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s classic novel “Bumi Manusia,” or This Earth of Mankind, gets its red carpet première in Surabaya today. The choice […]

Siapa yang menulis naskah BUMI MANUSIA?

  Dalam cerita yang kita bisa ikuti dalam buku-buku BUMI MANUSIA, ANAK SEMUA BANGSA, JEJAK LANGKAH dan RUMAH KACA siapa sebenarnya menulis naskah BUMI MANUSIA? Jawaban terhadap pertanyaan ini adalah kunci untuk bisa menangkap makna sejati dan lengkap daripada buku BUMI MANUSIA. Untuk bisa menjawab pertanyaan ini harus (a) jangan lupa merenungkan halaman pertama BUMI […]


ALL DAY PUBLIC SEMINAR/FORUM: COLONIAL LEGACIES TODAY: INDONESIA AND THE NETHERLANDS ALl Welcome. Venue: IRRE Rooms, Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands Date and Time: Saturday, 18 May 2019 from 10:00-17:00 UTC+02 (Click here for FACEBOOK EVENT) This seminar will bring together two themes. One is colonialism in the Netherlands Indies as a form of racism, […]

Venezuela and the World – 3

VENEZUELA and the World 3. Some little reflections: It is necessary to understand that the conflict in Venezuela manifests a war between classes, not between factions of the one class, as in elections in “normal” bourgeois democracies.. The victor will not be inclined to give the other side a chance to come back into power […]

Venezuela and the World – 2. – a short reflection.

Venezuela and the World – 2. Judging compromises with the opposing class, or retreat before it in a battle situation, requires a close to precise understanding of the balance of forces; the capacities from all angles of the opposing sides, even as they change from moment to moment. Even those participating in the struggle engage […]