Palestine: Real state or Bantustan state? by Max Lane

It is very possible that in late September or early October, the United Nations Security Council will vote on whether to recognise Palestine as a state and accept it as a member of the United Nations. The president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mohammed Abbas, will address the General Assembly of the United Nations on […]

Poem: Gaza Armada

rubble grey white homes crumbled firing through narrow roads tanks rumbled witnesses ships to break through the sea wall never to cower gunships flying  machine guns helicopter prison tower pizzas served beyond the wall in the air-conditioned plaza courage eyes search the sea for ships breaking through to Gaza.

Poem: For Gaza

For Gaza The occupier has no soul Even their breath is something they have stole Into animals they turned themselves as they treat others so The lie is their breath as towards the path of defeat they go. Uzi, gunship, nuclear bom, media manipulation, prison, deception, checkpoint humiliation fuse to defend a wall to hold […]

Palestina Palestine: Poem: THE WALL

WALL   Long.  Thick. Grey. Dark. Tall. Ugly, dirty, casting cold shadows this wall. Stealing land, stealing rights, stealing life Not damming, but provoking strife   It zigs and zags and curls and snakes Land and home and farm, it takes and takes A moat for fortresses defending wealth Perched on hilltops denizens of stealth […]