The slave Spartacus and reading Dalton Trumbo

Reading Dalton Trumbo (Spontaneous thoughts.) It was Hollywood that got me. In particular the film Spartacus, produced and starring Kirk Douglas, directed by Stanley Kubrick and screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. The other main roles were played by Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and Peter Ustinov. The film was inspired by Howard Fast’s wonderful novel, also called […]

Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)

The Project. Also visit this CROWDFUNDING SITE FOR ICAL. This project is to establish a Library for the use of community and campus activists in the student city of Yogjakarta, Indonesia.  Indonesia experienced 33 years of authoritarian government from 1965-1998 during which time book acquisitions for school, university and community libraries were underfunded and, when […]


NETHERLANDS PERFORMANCES OF: THEY CALL ME NYAI ONTOSOROH The performances will be in Indonesian with English sub-titling. Van onrechtvaardigheid naar onafhankelijkheid In dit toneelstuk, gebaseerd op Bumi Manusia (Aarde der mensen) van Pramoedja Ananta Toer, volgen we de levens van Nyai Ontosoroh, haar dochter Annelies (een halfbloed) en haar ‘inlandse’ schoonzoon Minke. Tragische levens, want […]

Tribute to Rendra at Ubud – reflections

The first event at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival that I was scheduled to speak at was the Tribute to Rendra, being held in the evening of the first day, immediately after the opening ceremony. Rendra, one of Indonesia’s most interesting, active, prolific and political playwrites and poets, had died a few weeks earlier […]