INDONESIA: Parliament represents less than half the people

“The number of voters represented by the nine political parties that obtained seats in the national House of Representatives (DPR) following the 2009 legislative elections is less that who are not represented.” Kompas, November 13, 2009 James Balowski from the APSN website has translated and circulated the following KOMPAS newspaper article. For more background to […]

Ominous news for Indonesian labour

“Other major concerns with investors — the country’s onerous labour laws and the “spectre of exorbitant costs” in cases where companies have to retrench — are also going to be addressed, Pangestu [Indonesian Minister for Trade] said, while still protecting workers’ rights.” “while still protecting workers’ rights” …. hmmmm The current minimum wage in Indonesia is set […]

Joesoef Isak passed away, August 15, 2007

The Thinker: Joesoef Was Right Monday was Independence Day, the anniversary of the proclamation of independence by Sukarno and Hatta and the beginning of a four-year struggle by millions of Indonesians to prevent a colonial army from seizing back the land they had plundered for 350 years. “ Merdeka atau mati! ” (freedom or death!) […]

On Joesoef Isak

by Max Lane 14 September, 2006 On April 20 2004 in a gala ceremony in New York the American PEN Center honoured Indonesian publisher, Joesoef Isak, with the 2004 Jeri Laber Freedom to Publish Award. The award was given to Joesoef Isak in recognition of his long record of courageous publishing during the years of […]