Timor Leste: No leaderships with a national-scale authority

13 August, 2007 No leaderships with a national-scale authority The recent Presidential and parliamentary elections have been very revealing. They have showed that no political institution or figure from the period of the national liberation struggle has developed a political following based on program, ideology, ideas or leadership. No figure or institution scored more than […]

About Aini Chalid

In Memoriam: Aini Chalid 8 February, 2007 In late January 2007, Aini Chalid passed away in Manila, the Philippines during a heart operation. Aini was a close friend since 1973. Aini Chalid was one of three people put on trial by the Suharto regime in 1974-75 following the so-called MALARI incident. Aini was a student […]

ARCHIVAL: Early articles on dissent in Indonesia, 1982

12 September, 2006 One of the first publications to publish information on the early opposition to the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia was New Internationalist. In an October, 1982 issue it published an issue with the theme Dissent in Indonesia The issue included articles on thefall of Sukarno, on Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Hasta Mitra publishing […]

Jamilia dan Sang Presiden (Jamilia and the President)

29 July, 2006 Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s and up until now, the form of literarture that has been at the forefront of art’s role in political and social renewal has been drama. The playwright Rendra has played the most important role acting as the vanguard of socially and politically committed art in the […]