Pramoedya’s THE CHINESE IN INDONESIA now available in English

15 January, 2008

Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s 1960 anti-racialist polemic and history of the Chinese in Indonesia is now available in an English translation by Max Lane.

Pramoedya’s 195 page book is accompanied by 4 contemporary essays by other writers. These are:

Pramoedya: Defiant to the end” by K.S. Jomo. Jomo is U.N. Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development and was Professor at the University of Malaya until late 2004. He was also founder of Wira Karya publishers, a Malaysian publisher which published the works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

“Prameodya Ananta Toer: In Memoriam” by Leo Ou-Fan Lee. Lee is Professor of Humanities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Pramoedya, Racialism and Socialism by Max Lane

Strangers who are not Foreign” by Sumit Mandal. Mandal is an historian at the Universtii Kebangsaan Malaysia

The book is easiest ordered from Select Books in Singapore.